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Clear Vision

Crescent City Optical is optimistic about the new year. During uncertain times, we served the community for their eye care needs. We continued to keep everyone safe by implementing Covid- 19 safety guidelines in the office, helping those who lost their glasses or contacts during Hurricane Ida. We take your eyes to heart and will continue to be a pillar to the community. We are sharing our 2022 vision to serve the community further.

We are digital! We have taken strides to create a digital community and one that will give you quick access to the latest news and events of Crescent City Optical. It is essential to subscribe to our blog to learn about healthy eye tips and the newest information in eyewear. We have social media to keep you informed on fashion, trends, announcements, and overall brand awareness. The website and social media are great places for everything Crescent City Optical.



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In 2019 we had an exciting rollout of community events for 2020 that would have been very beneficial. It was rooted in our mission to make eye care accessible to everyone. We are glad to announce that we will be doing virtual community events. The virtual event allows us to continue our mission and keep everyone safe. We will be promoting our first event soon; subscribe to the blog to stay up to date.

Healthy vision is about having a healthy lifestyle, so; we will have content geared towards healthier lifestyles overall. We care about our community and patients and want everyone to thrive and be at their best. 2022 is also all about eyewear fashion. At Crescent City Optical, we understand that everyone's styles vary, and we know most want to have a pair of glasses that makes them look and feel good. We have an optical staff dedicated to ensuring you have a clear vision and stylish frames.

We will continue our excellent service and community outreach. Here at Crescent City Optical, we take your eyes to heart. We are excited to usher in our digital presence to help the community further. Please subscribe to the blog and our social media handles because you don't want to miss out on what's to come.

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